Wearables Collective, Weaving Innovation into Stages of Life

25-26 March 2024, University of California-Davis

WEARABLES COLLECTIVE is a two-day symposium focused on e-textiles, smart clothing and other forms of wearable technology applications for health and wellbeing, organized by University of California-Davis in collaboration with the Royal College of Art, London.

The symposium aims for deep exploration and cross disciplinary discussion in wearables of all forms, smart material explorations and tangible human computer/robot interfaces for physical and mental health and wellbeing in all stages of life from infancy to older age, to sleep-work-leisure cycles as well as healthy versus unwell phases in life.

This event is funded by the UC Davis, Global Affairs Seed Grant funding, Smart Clothing and Textiles for Healthcare and Wellbeing: A Research and Learning Network and Broderers’ Textile Innovation Fund (The BTIF is used to support students, research, specialist equipment, knowledge exchange and innovation, enabling a significant amount of important research to be undertaken and greatly enhancing the Royal College of Art, Textiles Programme in London, UK).